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Creative. Professional. Detail-Oriented.

Ever since I was a kid I loved going to the movies. Movies are magical. They make you cry, they make you laugh but above all they trigger our emotions. Your wedding film should bring out all the emotions of your big day. It should look cinematic, romantic and magical. It should not only tell the story of the day but it should also show the emotions of the day from the nervous wait at the alter to the reactions of the guests in the evening.

To create these films we feel it is always important to meet before the wedding to get to know you both and understand what you want from your wedding film. It’s also a good chance to ask us any questions and learn about our style of filming and how we work. Your wedding is a very special occasion and as I will be filming from very early in the morning till late at night I want you to be comfortable with my presence. If you choose to have two camera operators I will be accompanied by my wife, Sarah. She is an accomplished videographer who excels in setting up detail shots, dealing with fiddly buttons and entertaining the kids all whilst shooting fantastic film of you both.

On the wedding day we work closely with the photographer so that we can both get the shots we need. We use the latest full frame 4k cameras and gimbals that allow for those smooth cinematic panning shots. Discrete microphones are used to capture perfect audio and long zoom lenses allow us to get close up shots of your vows without being too intrusive. Should conditions allow we use a 4k drone to get spectacular views of your wedding and reception venues.

The editing of the video is by far the longest part of the production but this is where the magic happens. We buy music that matches the mood of the film and because we have purchased the copyright you are able to upload the film to any of your social media sites. The final film will be edited and each clip carefully coloured to give you a true cinematic experience. Uploaded to a wedding webpage made especially for you the film can be viewed by whomever you wish.

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