Pre wedding preparations

The most exciting (and sometimes terrifying) element of filming a wedding is that it is completely live. If you are not in position to capture the first kiss or exchange of rings you cannot suddenly bring the ceremony to a halt and ask everyone to rewind. This is why preparation is key.

I like to visit the locations prior to the wedding. I look for the best angles for my shots, where I can discretely position myself to get a great view but not be too obtrusive. I check if there are any contraindications for the drone. You would be surprised how far away from airports we have to be. I talk to the venue managers to make sure they are aware that I will be filming and also because they have overseen hundreds of weddings they are a font of useful knowledge. I meet with the photographer, especially if we haven't worked together before. It's vital that we have a close understanding so that we we can work together in harmony.

On this occasion I was planning a shoot at the sublime Inn at Whitewell located in the Forrest of Bowland. I knew that there where stepping stones across the river at the back of the hotel that would be ideal for a drone shot so I decided to take my son and scout the area. Little was he to know that he would become the lead actor in a film...

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