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A wedding guests reason for filming her wedding

I recently had the pleasure of filming a wedding in Liverpool. Home to two great football teams and more than it's fair share of impressive buildings. If you are a fan of comic book films you may have noticed that Gotham Town Hall in 'The Batman' was St George's Hall. My view from the wedding reception at the Atlantic Hotel was that of the equally impressive Liver Building.

Mecure Atlantic Hotel reception dressed.
View from Atlantic Hotel towards the Liver Building

I spent the day with good friend and wedding photographer extraordinaire Neil White. Neil is exceptionally easy to work with and the Bride & Groom loved to his easy going, friendly style. Make sure you check out his photographs on his webpage.

It was whilst I was filming the evening reception that a guest pulled me to one side to tell me that after the venue, the videographer was the first thing she advised her friends to book. Now normally it is the photographer that couples book first so I asked her why this was. She replied with possibly the most pertinent reason to have your day filmed. This is what she told me.

"Six months after my wedding I lost two people very close to me. Whilst I had photographs of them it was the wedding film that I would watch over and over. It was comforting to watch them move and talk, smile and laugh. This is something I never got from photographs and I will have those memories forever now".

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