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I want a videographer but my partner doesn't because they hate being filmed?

I actually get this a lot. Many people (grooms especially) don't like the idea of being filmed. This is why I always make sure I meet with the couple first. I believe in being a fly on the wall during the day and the more I get to know you, and you get to know me, the more comfortable you will be. I don't like to stage a lot of shots and much of the time you won't realise I'm here filming. 

A film can capture those moments of the day that either you have forgotten or were so busy you didn't get chance to see. You only have one chance to film the day so I would highly recommend doing so.

Can I review the video before it’s finalised?

Absolutely!!!  When the film is finished I invite you both around to my home to view the film on a big projector screen. Don't worry, I have hankies at the ready for the emotional sections. If there is anything you want to change after you have seen it that is the time you can tell me.

Can I help pick the music for the video?

When we meet I like to ask you about the types of music you love and hate. I then choose music, based on your preferences from independent creators and pay the copyright fees for these. The best thing about this is that the music is bespoke to your wedding, doesn't date your film and you wont be breaking any copyright laws if you upload it to social media. 

Unfortunately chart music cost thousands to copyright so I'm unable to use those but I think you would find it wouldn't negatively effect the finished film.

How far in advance should I book your services?

We restrict our weddings to 10 a year so as to be able to give you a truly bespoke experience . As you can imagine these can book up quickly and we are take bookings up to 2 years in advance.

How does your style differ from others?

I am heavily influenced by the soundtrack of the movie, It is always the first thing I will create by carefully stitching together pieces of music to help create a roller coaster of emotions. Experts will tell you that you can get away with poor footage but if the sound is bad it makes a film unwatchable. 

My first job was in sound editing and I qualified in recording and engineering. You can therefore be assured that your movie will not only look good but sound good too.

Rather than create one hour or two hour documentary films of the day I create films consisting of hundreds of separate clips of the day all carefully placed in time to the soundtrack. The final impression is that of a film.

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